What is A Language?

A Language is an object oriented programming language developed by HAKStudio. Its main purpose is to output in native language of platform on more than one platform with a single code. Thus, it is aimed to prevent unnecessary time and cost. Written codes are translated into native language of desired platform and get output. Currently written codes can be converted to Java and C#.

Unlike other programming languages, there is an option to change language. (Turkish, English, German) In this way, it is aimed that programmers in different regions can work on same project in a single language.

Since C# is similar to Java and Swift languages, it can be easily learned by those who know these languages.

A language programming can be used for beginners to learn logic of programming, to make projects or for commercial purposes.


1| mainfunc()

2| print("Hello");


1| anafonk()

2| yazdır("Merhaba");


1| hauptfunk()

2| drucken("Hallo");